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I recently moved into a smaller home because of less maintenance and more time to enjoy life.

This meant the large pieces of furniture I had acquired, some being heirloom pieces from my parents, would not fit!

So, I arranged for a quote from an auction house and was pleasantly surprised with the price I received. The money went towards a new lounge and outdoor furniture that fitted my small space perfectly.

I sold artwork and china I no longer used to various antique shops, and also sold things on Facebook Market Place.

Removing what I no longer used, I freed up space in my new home to better enjoy the things I loved without surrounding clutter.

Decluttered and organised

Customer Testimonial

I recently downsized my house and was overwhelmed by the amount of possessions I needed to get rid of.
I asked Bronte to help me and was so pleased that I did.
Bronte sorted and categorised everything that was to go and decided on the best method of disposing it; anything of value was offered to her network of appropriate businesses, including to my amazement, rusty farm machinery which had cluttered the property for years and yet was quickly bought as garden sculpture.
She then introduced me to an auction house where items of furniture, sewing machines and paintings fetched a fair price.
Anything left in good condition was given to charities and the remaining disposable items removed from the premises.
Throughout the process Bronte consulted with me. She was knowledgeable, efficient, and well organised and a pleasure to work with .
I highly recommend her to anyone wanting help with organising.
Rosemary Matwiejczyk
McLaren Vale, SA
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A Quick Fixup

  • professional Organising
  • 2 x 3 hour appointments
  • Get Things Tidy
  • Travel Expenses Extra

steady as She Goes

  • professional Organising
  • Hourly as required
  • Travel Expenses Extra

Get It All Done

  • professional Organising
  • Fortnightly appointments of 2-4 hours
  • Get Everything Reorganised
  • Travel Expenses Extra

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